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My career spans over 20 years in design and creative leadership roles, 8 years as an educator, and 4 years in construction. I have enjoyed making great strides at some fantastic companies. My specialty areas are innovation, strategy, design, education and business analysis. I develop winning strategies in business partner support, sales, and marketing. As a leader, I cultivate intellectual honesty and passion organization-wide to create an inclusive, “drive for results” culture.

Generally, I excel at finding areas of need and introduce holistic solutions that build consensus. I am well versed in driving long-term relationships and forging strategic partnerships. I turn to analytics for fact-based decision-making to maximize results and avoid missteps.
Over the years, I have been challenged to transform business development strategies and guided operations in dynamic, fluid environments requiring quick problem solving and flexibility. Time and again I have enjoyed being dropped into the deep end of a challenge or new environment and find a way to build structure and collaborate with stakeholders to create meaningful change management.

I also genuinely love to teach and often return to classroom whenever the opportunity arises. In all these endeavors I have also built an extensive contact network of skilled professionals and gatekeepers that I can draw from to make things happen.

In addition to my work life, I am also an artist, am constantly honing my cooking skills, love all things to do with the sea, and enjoy playing ice hockey. My wife, Eun Seo, and I have collaborated on our most ambitious and amazing project to date, our son! We look forward to continuing our adventures and learning together with our growing family. 

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