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While at Otter products, I managed the Industrial Design and CMF team. This team works on the over 300 sku's for Otterbox and Lifeproof phone and tablet cases, their new power accessories line, outdoor lifestyle, and the new LIVIRI line of products. These projects spanned hard goods, electronics, softgoods, and integrated design. In addition to updating and refining those products year over year this team also works on future innovation projects and extending their reach into new markets.

My role here included people management, design direction, and systems design to enable the company to better utilize and benefit from the huge store of talent and capabilities within the team. With cooperation of the many parts of the Otter products brands we were able to create new processes to undertake design projects, institute new research methods and capabilities, and form up cross-collaborative structures that will continue to benefit how OtterBox functions in their design efforts. The products below were all developed or refined during my time as design manager and new innovative lines that I cannot speak about yet are still in progress that I am looking forward to seeing make a big impact in the market.

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Becky Lawson

Director of Innovation and Insights

Otter Products

"I worked closely with Dan while he managed the Industrial Design Team at OtterProducts. Dan was a courageous leader that didn’t shy away from tough discussions in a respectful way. He brought a wealth of innovation experience around design thinking and consumer centricity and elevated the relationship between his team and their business partners. I’d relish the opportunity to work with Dan again on the future."

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Gina Montessanti

Innovation Manager

Otter Products

"I feel grateful for having worked with Dan, an experienced designer and innovator that sets up resources for success, taking time to collaborate and remove barriers. I worked alongside Dan over the past year on several internal and educational projects within OtterBox and OtterCares. Dan brought his expertise in Industrial Design to help elevate his team in their role while removing conflicts and paving the way for them to be successful. During this time his team created and executed a design process that is currently used during the discovery phase of projects. Dan has a wealth of knowledge in Innovation and Design Thinking but always made me feel like I could ask questions and learn from him. I am sure Dan will be a huge asset for an organization willing to push their business innovation to new levels.

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Hsiao Lu Sun

Industrial Designer

Otter Products

Dan has been the most inspiring manager in my career. His wide knowledge in design and innovation processes had motivated me and challenged me in terms of design thinking. Under his management at Otterbox, Dan encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and enhanced my communication and presentation skill sets. As a manager, Dan cared about not just work performance but also personal well-being. His adaptable leadership style enabled him to guide his team members based on their characteristics. With Dan’s long-term experiences of living abroad, he respects and honors other cultures. This background also helped him being more aware of design trends around the world and always bringing fresh perspective to people. Dan provided an open and supportive environment to the team. His team was able to collaborate deeper with other departments to bring above and beyond value for the company. He is a proven leader.

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Grady Barfoot 

Senior Industrial Designer

Otter Products

I've had the opportunity to work with Dan on multiple occasions, from freelance one-off projects to corporate product design. He has incredible passion for design and problem solving, and thrives in roles where structured creativity is required. Dan is exceptional at navigating project complexities and seeing/tackling issues before they arise. His interpersonal and conflict resolution skills are fantastic and this allows him to be very effective leading multidisciplinary teams.

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Sarah S. Weeks

Impact and Education Director

Otter cares

"Dan will always be straightforward, telling it like it is, and then hold your hand while you wade through the waters of confusion, unpredictability, and being uncomfortable together - that's where real change happens. You'll emerge together on the shores of innovation and vision for the future, plus actionable steps to get you there! If you're looking for a talented educator, designer, artist, visionary, and all around good human, look no further than Dan Griner. I eagerly anticipate seeing how he taps into his brilliance to give back toward education policy and designing our collective futures."

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